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Sustainably sourced animal feed: From plantation to farmer

GoNutri’s high quality, animal feed supplements contain palm-based ingredients that are sustainably sourced. Before you scroll away – yes, palm oil-based products can be sustainably produced!

Produced by Golden Agri-Resources (GAR), the world’s second-largest palm-based agribusinesses by planted area, and a leader in sustainable palm oil production, GoNutri offers farmers products that meet internationally recognised standards and certifications including GMP+ FSA and Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).

Palm oil may be controversial to many, but produced responsibly, it is the highest yielding vegetable oil per hectare, using the least amount of fertilisers and pesticides, as well as earning millions of smallholder farmers better incomes.

The qualities of palmitic acid, a key element of the GoNutri range, deliver fantastic results for dairy and other livestock farmers. Still concerned that your customers might raise their eyebrows at a palm-based diet for livestock?

Read on to learn how GoNutri’s raw ingredients are sourced from a traceable supply chain that complies with GAR’s comprehensive social and environmental policy and responsible sourcing policy.

Responsible sourcing from a fully integrated supply chain

A responsible and transparent supply chain

Transparent supply chain in animal feed supplements.

PLANTATION: It takes about 4 years for an oil palm tree to mature and produce fruits. Once the fruits from the oil palm trees are ripe for harvest, they are delivered to the mills within 24 hours to ensure a higher yield and quality of crude palm oil (CPO).

MILL: The fruits, also known as fresh fruit bunches (FFBs), are processed at the mills to produce crude palm oil (CPO) or the kernel crushing plants for palm kernel oil (PKO). No part of the FFBs is wasted. Parts that are not used to produce oil will be repurposed as organic fertiliser and processed into energy (biogas).

REFINERY/OLEOCHEMICAL PLANT: To produce the ingredients for GoNutri products, CPO is sent to the refineries where it’s made into palmitic acid; and PKO is made into lauric acid at the oleochemical plant.

Palmitic acid is used in the GoNutri Energy line. It is a type of fatty acid that is easy to digest and is known to increase milk and milk fat production of dairy cows. The GoNutri Protect range contains lauric acid that improves animal’s intestinal health.

PACKAGING AND LOGISTICS: All of GoNutri’s products are packed using lightweight packaging to maximise space on transportation that results in lower energy consumption and carbon emissions. We have offices and warehouses located in Spain and the Netherlands where we can store and efficiently deliver products to our customers, which are predominantly feed producers throughout Europe.

FEED PRODUCER:  Full transparency in our supply chain gives our customers the confidence that they are receiving high-quality and responsibly-sourced animal feed supplements.

Fast delivery of high-quality and affordable animal feed supplements

Fast delivery and cost-efficient animal feed.

Confidence in ensuring sustainability

All of GAR’s owned mills have achieved full Traceability to Plantation (TTP) since 2017. Before third parties supply raw materials to GAR, they must pass a strict quality and selection process. Our total supply base, including GAR’s third party suppliers, is close to achieving 100 percent traceability and will do so in 2021.

Having a traceable supply chain means we can track ingredients used in GoNutri products back to their origin. With the support of everyone in our integrated supply chain, you can be assured that the supplements you are feeding your herd have been responsibly produced. From teams working to ensure sustainability measures, to freight coordination by our shipping and logistics division; people play a crucial role in ensuring responsible production and that our products are delivered safely and on time.

We understand the importance of sustainable practices in producing palm-based animal feed products. Together with the GoNutri team’s commitment to customer service excellence, we believe GoNutri is your best choice for animal feed solutions and support.

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