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Safe food begins with safe feed

Feed safety not only ensures the safety of consumers but also reduces disruptions in the food supply chain. To protect yourself against any potential feed safety risks, it is important to know that the animal feed you purchase meets all the rules and regulations set by the industry or governing bodies.


Quality assured animal feed for cows in cowshed

Farmer feeding high-quality animal feed supplements.

Internationally recognised certification
There are various certifications on feed safety and sustainable practices. One such certification programme is GMP+. GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices, and the + for HACCP, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. GMP+ is an internationally recognised quality standard developed specifically for feed safety. GMP+ has designed a system that assures safe feed throughout all supply chain stages, from raw materials sources, production, storage, and delivery of the finished feed to customers.

Feed safety is taken very seriously at GoNutri, a Golden Agri-Resources (GAR) brand. To assure consistent quality of palm-based animal feed supplements is supplied to our customers, all our products are GMP+ FSA (Food Safety Assurance) certified and meet internationally recognised standards from Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), an organisation that develops and implements global measures for sustainably produced palm oil.

Although there is no existing law or legislation that requires animal feed products to be GMP+ certified, there are several policies that must be complied with in European countries. Here at GoNutri, we go the extra mile to obtain GMP+ FSA certification for all our products even though it’s not mandated by the law.

Quality control processes
GAR has more than 30 people working in quality assurance and quality control to ensure all our products including GoNutri’s meet their specifications. We conduct stringent testing and monitoring programmes to provide a consistent production of high-quality products.

One of the testing programmes done in our internal laboratory is a peroxide value (POV) analysis to check the freshness of our products. Oxidation of oils (rancidity) is a naturally occurring reaction, and animal feed with high rancidity may be rejected by cows or even lead to digestive upsets. Our oils have a low risk of rancidity and a low amount of POV, which indicates that it is good quality oil.

We also conduct a laboratory analysis with a third party to check for undesirable substances and microorganisms in samples provided by our suppliers. Examples of these contaminants are pesticide residues, dioxin, heavy metals, and microbiological hazards. This is another instance that feed safety is our number one priority—we go beyond what is required by the industry in our quality controls and testing of our products.

Close up of sustainably produced animal feed

Close up of animal feed.

A good product begins from the quality of its raw materials. All palm-based ingredients used in GoNutri are produced from traceable and sustainable sources. GAR’s traceable supply chain means it is possible to track our end products back to their origin, thereby ensuring the oils are of reliable quality and produced sustainably. GAR achieved full Traceability to the Mill (TTM) in 2015, and we are at 90 percent full Traceability to the Plantation (TTP) for our palm supply chain.

Other than our refineries, we also source from thousands of suppliers. The same set of quality control standards we set for ourselves will be used to evaluate our third-party suppliers. We have a strict selection process to check if their palm-based products are sustainably produced and traceable.

Contaminants can be transmitted through the food chain and compromise food safety. This is why ingredients that go into animal feed must adhere to stringent quality standards. With international recognised certifications and regulations, strict quality control processes, coupled with traceability of our raw materials, it is now easier and more systematic to assure feed safety and to choose the best possible product for your livestock.

As a fully integrated business, we can customise safe and high-quality animal feed supplements with the best composition for your herd. Reach out to find out more.