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GoNutri Protect

GoNutri Protect products contain medium-chain free fatty acids and monoglycerides that strengthen the intestinal membrane’s integrity, minimise pathogenic bacterial growth, positively modulate intestinal flora, and increase nutrient absorption as they improve the development of intestinal villus.

Medium-chain fatty acids are effective in controlling digestive pathogens. In particular, lauric acid is a saturated fatty acid that stands out for its potent antibacterial effects against gram+ bacteria such as Streptococci and Staphylococci and fat enveloped virus.

When lauric acid is combined with glycerine, monolaurin – a monoglyceride – is formed. Alpha monoglycerides are biologically active molecules that work throughout the gastrointestinal tract of the animal. They are non-corrosive, non-volatile, have a neutral taste and odour, resist high processing temperatures and have a bactericidal effect about ten times more potent than its corresponding free fatty acids. Thanks to its fast lymphatic absorption, they have a systemic effect too.

Lauric acid, alpha monolaurin and their combinations have shown a great ability to control infections and improve intestinal health, which has an impact on better production rates in poultry and swine.


Benefits at-a-glance

Product GoNutri Protect GoNutri Protect Xtra
Description High concentration of minimum 99% C12:0 as free fatty acid. This supplement has a positive effect against gram+ bacteria and lipid envelope virus and improves overall gut health. High concentration of minimum 90% alfa-glycerol monolaurate. This supplement has a strong effect against gram+ bacteria, lipid envelope virus, improves gut health in the gastrointestinal tract and presents a systemic effect.
Recomemmended Dosage Swine 1-4 kg/tonne;
Poultry 0.3-4 kg/tonne
Swine 1-4 kg/tonne;
Poultry 0.3-4 kg/tonne
Composition Lauric Acid: Min 99%

Crude Fat: Min. 99% Crude Fat: Min. 99%

Moisture: Max. 1%
Glycerol Monolaurate: Min 90%

Crude Fat: Min. 99% Crude Fat: Min. 99%

Moisture: Max. 1%
Form Bead or Flake Bead or Flake
Packaging 25kg (1.2tonne per pallet)/
650kg bags (1.3tonne per pallet)
25kg (450kg per pallet)
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