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Focusing on local presence to achieve global success

In the world of animal feed, GoNutri is the latest kid on the block. We are a brand producing livestock feed supplements from sustainably-sourced palm and palm kernel oil.

Although the brand name is relatively new, I can assure you that the expertise behind it is not.

GoNutri is a brand under Golden Agri-Resources (GAR), a leading palm-based agribusiness. GAR has been selling its animal feed products for several years; in Europe through distributors. But the company is shifting its sales strategy from working with traders and intermediaries to doing business directly with the end customer.

GoNutri product packaging

GoNutri product packaging

Sitting closer to the customers

In Spain, we started our distribution business three years ago whilst delivering to ports in other EU regions. With Spain’s success and our ambition in the animal feed sector, we’re now working to create an organisation that can also handle delivery to the end customer throughout Europe. The first step is to get closer to end customers and create an infrastructure through which they can order today for delivery tomorrow. Having that direct touchpoint with them also allows us to understand their needs better. We can use information from the customer to guide our product innovation and respond better to the customer’s wishes.

Not to mention, reducing the number of links in the chain is cost-efficient, which translates to savings for the customers and better margins for the suppliers.

Visibility of our suppliers

The benefits of an end-to-end supply chain don’t stop there.

As a brand with control and visibility of its supply base, GoNutri is in a better position to tackle the challenges faced in sustainability and traceability. We are confident that our animal feed products can meet the sustainable sourcing requirements of customers.

GAR’s owned palm oil refineries have been 100 percent traceable to the plantation since 2017 – frontrunners in this area. Before third parties supply raw materials to GAR, they must pass a strict quality and selection process. Our total supply base, including GAR’s third-party suppliers, is close to achieving 100 percent traceability and will do so in 2021. Employees work under fair conditions, and their children go to school. This is something GAR invests in to empower communities. Working hard to improve sustainability is the only way to remain relevant in the future.

The ambition

Over the next five years, we aim to establish GoNutri as a trusted partner in the European animal feed sector. We are ambitious because we know our product’s quality and the added value we are bringing to the table.

There is work to be done, but having seen the set-up of the brand to where we are now, I am bullish. We have the right talent – people who have been specialists in the industry for over 10 years; we have the products – GoNutri Energy and GoNutri Protect as a base, and more to come to meet the ever-evolving needs of the feed industry; and we have an end-to-end supply chain that communicates closely, ensuring agility in operations.

To learn more about our product range, download our brochure here.

To learn more about our product range, download our brochure here.


About the writer

Jaap Raijmans is in charge of GAR’s European feed strategy and is also heading the Oleochemical distribution in Europe and Latin America. Jaap holds a master’s degree in Maritime Economics and Logistics from Erasmus University (Rotterdam) and has held commercial positions at Cargill and Bunge before joining GAR.