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About Us

GoNutri is a Golden Agri-Resources (GAR) brand. GAR, a leading palm-based agribusiness, has been selling animal feed products in Europe through distributors for several years. We are now launching our own branded animal feed line and expanding our business to work directly with farmers and producers, the end customers specifically in the European market. GoNutri has two product lines: Energy and Protect
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Sitting Closer to the Customers

We have offices and warehouses in Spain and the Netherlands
and are able to deliver to farms and feed mills throughout Europe:

Order today for delivery tomorrow

Direct touchpoint to understand your needs better

Our product innovation is guided by you

Simpler and shorter supply chain which means we are cost-efficient

Visibility of Our Suppliers

As a brand with control and visibility of our supply base, GoNutri is in a better position to tackle the challenges faced in sustainability and traceability. We are confident that our animal feed products can meet the sustainable sourcing requirements of customers.

A Trusted Partner in the European Animal Feed Sector

As a GAR brand, GoNutri benefits from a fully integrated supply chain. Since 2018, GAR’s animal feed products have recorded strong market performance with loyal customer base. In just three short years, we have established more than two-thirds of the market share in palmitic fatty acids in Spain. We have a proven distribution network in the country and nutritional know-how for ruminants and monogastric animals.
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